Wednesday, February 20, 2008

mc ALT-o behaviour under ALT-i

Few days back after regular system update I observed that midnight commander shortcut ALT-o started to work somewhat strange. Well familiar behaviour displaying the content of active window in inactive window, changed to displaying an upper directory content or lower directory content dependig on whether the cursor is on file or directory. I was really puzzled and was hoping that this "bug" will be corrected soon. But after a week without any change I've started digging for some answers and bug reports to finally find out that the change in behaviour was intentional and previous behaviour is hidden under ALT-i shortcut.


Anonymous said...

thanks for info, was solving tha same.

Krzysztof Kliś said...

Wow, thanks for the tip. The new behaviour have been really annoying to me, you saved me from a heart attack ;-)

Bence Balint said...

Great, thanks! I've been looking for the solution for a while now.