Friday, October 12, 2007

iPAQ with SD card - battery drain problem

When I bought secondhand iPAQ (2210) 2 years back I also bought 1GB SD card to extend the small (64MB) memory in iPAQ. I found out, that the battery had to be recharged very often, actually every day I was using it and like every 3-4 days though I didn't use it. I thought for myself that the battery must be old and overused and only solution was to buy a new one. But the recharging didn't bug me much so I didn't buy one. Recently my friend mentioned that he came across some info on internet about PDA battery being drained when SD card is inserted in SD slot. I searched the internet and found out that it's a problem with PocketPC OS from Microsoft in combination with some PDAs. The knot is in OS synchronization using ActiveSync very often even when the PDA is off. So the solution to battery draining problem is to shut off automatic synchronization. The procedure is as follows:

  1. run ActiveSync
  2. Tools->Options->Mobile Schedule
  3. set everything (During [off-]peek times, sync) to Manually.
  4. you can also set Tools->Options->Server->Options...->Rules - Sync with the server to Manually -- but I think this apply only when the PDA is connected to PC, so there will be no harm if you leave the settings you have there
  5. quit the ActiveSync and restart PDA for sure

With these settings and SD card inserted my iPAQ battery last 2-3 times longer than with scheduled automatic synchronization and there is "no" battery drain when the PDA is off.

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