Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Installing nvidia driver from Debian repository

Today I was updating my sid and for the second time I was trying to build nvidia module from nvidia-kernel-sources. Of course I forgot how I've done it last time. So there better be this post for next time and for anyone else with same trouble.

  1. update nvidia-kernel-source package
  2. # module-assistant auto-install nvidia-kernel ( or m-a a-i nvidia-kernel )
  3. update nvidia-glx package
  4. stop X server
  5. # rmmod nvidia
  6. # insmod /lib/modules/< uname -r >/nvidia/nvidia.ko
  7. start X server

If your previous nvidia driver was installed with nvidia installer, you have to uninstall it or else you get nvidia module mismatch errors after reboot. The easiest way is to run:
NVIDIA-Linux-<arch>-<version>-pkg2.run --uninstall
Then you have to reinstall nvidia-glx package and next reboot should be ok.

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